Pleasure Craft Operators Course

In Canada it is now manditory for Canadian citizens to have a Pleasure Craft Operators Card in order to operate a a pleasure craft. All Canadian citizens behind the wheel of power driven vessel MUST have a card without exception and contrary to some falacies out there this law currently effects boaters of all ages and all boats fixed with an engine (regardless of whether the engine is being used). 

  • If you are a US citizen operating your vessel in Canada you have to be in the country for 60 days or more before you need a card.
  • If you are renting a vessel you do not need to have a card (although that is preferred), you can simply fill out a Rental Boat Safety Checklist provided by Transport Canada.
Did you miss the Sept 15th, 2009 deadline and still don't have your card? Are you a new boater who needs to write your Pleasure Craft Operator's Exam? You are in luck! Buckeye offers a course for those who are new to boating or need a refresher course. We also recommend the course for boaters who have been boating on bodies of water that are not marked with beacons or buoys. 

The course is a half day classroom style setting and is taught by accredited instructors. The course lasts for 3-4 hours, plus the exam, and covers all the material you will need to ace your exam! This material includes but is not limited to: Right of way, navigational markers, health and safety on the water, boating regulations and laws, manditory safety equipment and weather.

We suggest that you need only one manual per family. Although kids can take this course, we recommend that they take our Youth Boat Safe Course which is more geared to child friendly learning.

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