Five Things on The List of the Captain in Your Life

Quiksilver Sea Stash 35L Backpack

1. Wet Towels and T-Shirts Begone!

Hanging out in a boat all day usually comes hand in hand with some wet items. Having a handy dandy waterproof bag can eliminate that. Gone of the days of the giant ugly black rubbery bags. There are so many varieties, shapes, and sizes available to suit your every needs but we recommend the Quiksilver Sea Stash 35L. Its large enough to hold a few towels, as well as a sweater for those sunset cruises. It comes in a variety of colours and has a roll top and shoulder straps so if you decide to jump on the SUP board for a sunset paddle. 

Surf Wedge

2. The Shape of The Wake

Chances are if you have wakeboard boat that was made before 2010, it probably doesn’t throw the outstanding wake created by today's boats. While we recommend that everyone get a new boat (preferably a Mastercraft XStar ;) ) it is not financially feasible, so let us introduce you to the wizardry of the Surf Wedge. It has been tested on every aspect of surfing using- water ski boats, crossover boats, older V-Drives, newer V-Drives, and one thing is constant, this is a game changer. In addition to turning wakes into swells – the best part is you no longer have to weight your boat unevenly. Gone are the days of filling and draining your bags to the port or starboard side – keep it all in the center.

Roswell boat speakers

3. Music Makes People Happy

There is nothing better than a sunset cruise with your favourite tunes and a boat full of babes. Roswell makes the some of the best in marine audio equipment. Raging in size and price,  they will have an option for the captain in your life who doubles as a dj. Tower, inboat, amps, subwoofers and more. Turn your cruises up to 11. 

Dickinson Sea BBQ

4. Boats and BBQ’s

We will admit, this one is a bit of a luxury item but, the Dickinson Sea BBQ has taken our pontoon cruises to the next level. Imagine spending the day anchored at your favourite swimming hole, music playing and the only food available is soggy cooler sandwiches….what a downer right? Having a boat mounted BBQ really adds a new vibe to the day, cook up some burgers for lunch and continue on to a friends dock for dinner with some delicious grilled veggies. Have BBQ, will travel. 


5. A New Boat!

What better way to spoil the captain in your life than with a brand new boat?! Plus, you get to reap the benefits too! We don’t necessarily think you should upgrade if you love your current boat but look for a new style. If you’re a family of wakeboarders, look into the world of relaxing pontoon cruises (they work as great filming boats too ;) ) and if you’re a pontoon cruiser, venture into the world of powerboats for quick cruises, towed water sports and of course, power turns. We have a large group of boasting experts that can help to open your eyes to the water experience you’ve been missing.