Boating Trivia

In what year do all Canadian Citizens need to have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card while operating a pleasure craft of any size?

All Canadian citizens who wish to operate a pleasure craft need to have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card as of September 15th, 2009.


What water sport is more popular than golf & tennis combined?

The answer, of course, is fishing.  With the Canadian Safe Boating Council naming boating and other water activities as the most popular leisure activities for Canadians, it's not surprising that fishing ranks among the most common past-times.  A Google search of the word fishing will bring up thousands of pages of fishing advice, maps to the best places to catch fish, and fishing stories.  Buckeye carries two fishing boat manufacturers, the American made Starcraft and the Canadian made Princecraft.  If you are a fishing enthusiast or would like more information on fishing in Ontario, the Ontario Out of Doors Web site is a great resource.


Where did the term MayDay come from?

Mayday was adopted from the French, "m'aidez" which translates into "help me". In 1932, mayday was recognized as the international code for emergencies.  If you're in urgent rather than immediate need of help, Parks Canada claims panpan is the code you should use.


Who was the first woman to be in a power boat race?

Mabel Bacon was the first to race with her husband in 1910.  The Bacons set out from David's Head in New York and sailed nonstop to Hamilton, Bermuda.  They arrived in Hamilton 90 hours after leaving David's Head and were awarded second place.  In 2005, Buckeye acknowledged Mabel's accomplishment by naming one section of its Women Behind the Wheel after her.  

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