Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever come across a question that you just didn't know the answer to? Following is a list of questions that are frequently asked. Hopefully these will answer all your Buckeye questions. For questions about other boating related questions check out our boating trivia and terms pages!

Q: Who do I talk to about....


Warranty issues-Service Dept

How to operate my boat-Service Dept.

Booking maintenance-Service Dept

Fibreglass repair-Service Dept

Storage and/or scheduling a delivery - Storage Dept.

Arrival of ordered parts-Parts Dept

Tops and Upholstery-Parts Dept.

Finance, Insurance & Extended warranty- Business Manager

Vessel registration & licensing-Business Manager

Numbers or lettering-Business Manager

Sales-Contact your Product Consultant or the Sales Manager

General Questions or concerns-Customer Service Dept.


Q: What are your hours of operation?


A: During boating season (May. 1 - Oct. 15)

         Monday thru Friday - 8am - 6pm

         Saturdays 8am - 5pm

         Sundays and Holidays - 10am - 4pm


    During the off-season 

          Monday thru Friday - 9am - 5pm

          Saturday 10am - 3pm

          Sundays and Holidays - Closed


Q: What safety equipment do I need to have on board?

A: Many boaters, especially first time boaters, have questions about the types of items that they should have on board their boat. Many of these items are dependent on the size of your boat, the number of passengers, size of passengers, type of cruise you are planning and your
destination. There are many great tools and resources to help you decide what you should
have on board for a journey and we recommend
In addition to the necessary safety gear, including the following items may improve the comfort of your boating adventure: first aid kit, bottled water, compass, sun protection, batteries, small tool kit, knife, waterproof matches, granola bars (or rations of some kind) , dry clothing, sun glasses & a water tight container (for storage of emergency equipment).

Q: How do I know if I have the right life jacket?

A: Life jackets/PFDs are a mandatory safety item required for all people on all boats. While life jacket/PFD wear is currently optional, all boaters MUST make sure that there is a properly sized life jacket/PFD on board for them. Life jackets and PDF's must be approved by Transport Canada, Department of Transport or the Canadian Coast Guard. Life jackets and PFDs are marked with a weight and or chest size which should be adhered to. Life jackets and PFDs must be in good working order to maintain their approved status which means they must be free of rips, tears and damage and can not have been repaired. Life jackets and PFDs come in many different types, sizes, shapes and colours to suit your needs and preferences so please choose one that works best for you. Most of all we suggest that you wear your life jacket or PFD...They save lives.

Q: What is the Trent-Severn Waterway?

A:  The Trent-Severn Waterway is a National Historic Site of Canada.  This historic Waterway across south-central Ontario, links Lake Ontario to Port Severn on Georgian Bay.  It is 386 km long and includes the Trent, Otonabee and Severn Rivers, a chain of lakes and canal cuts all connected by controlled dams and navigation locks.

Q: How do I find a place to moor my boat?

A: You can find mooring facilities within Ontario on the page for the Boating Ontario Web site

If you are looking to moor outside of Ontario you can find links to other Canadian sites at

Q: I am not yet comfortable docking/driving my boat. What do I do?

A: We want to ensure that you are completely comfortable operating your new vessel no matter what the size. If, after your water test, you get your boat home and you are still uncomfortable with any part of its operation, please let us know. We can help you with complex actions such as docking and using trim to more simplistic actions. For example putting up canvas or turning on the battery. Please contact our Service Dept or Customer Service Dept. for help.  We will arrange for someone to  coach you until you are completely comfortable. We may be able to assist you by phone, helping you to walk your  way through, depending on your  level of comfort and the problem at hand. Additionally, you may want to look into talking one of our numerous boating courses.

Q: Boat licensing.... when do I need a license to legally drive my boat?

A: In September 1999, Pleasure Craft Operators Cards were enacted by the Canadian Government. Currently a "license", or Pleasure Craft Operators Card is required by all people operating any vessel fitted with an engine, regardless of age. Any operator under the age of 16 is required to have a Card and must be accompanied by an adult who holds a PCOCard as well as a valid driver's license. An unaccompanied minor 12 and under is restricted to operating a motorized vessel under 10hp only with a PCOCard and and unaccompanied minor between 13-16 is restricted to less than 40hp. For further information on restrictions and legislation click here

Q: What is a documentation fee?

A: A documentation fee is an administrative fee that is charged to every sale of new and pre-owned boats, motors, trailers and packages. This fee includes vessel registration, transfer of vessel, (for Buckeye pre-owned & consignment) and the maintenance of each file for seven years.

Q: I don't know my way through the lakes. How do I find out how to get around?

A: Your best bet is to purchase some Trent Severn Waterway charts to lead you through the system. These maps can be found in our Parts and Accessories Dept. Simply contact us at or by phone (705) 738-5151 ex.222.  Additionally, Buckeye offers various Cruise Club outings to familiarizing boaters with different lakes in the Trent System.

Q: I have never towed a boat before. What do I need to know?

A: We recommend that every boat and trailer has proper tie down straps to ensure that your boat is very secure on the trailer. It is not recommended that you tow a boat with the convertible top up at any time. If you do not have a trailering cover (mooring, tonneau, or cockpit cover) make sure that all loose items are stowed away in locked compartments and all cushions are fastened down so that they will not fly out. If you are uncomfortable driving with your boat on a trailer, please contact our service dept. and they will arrange for someone to assist you.

Q: Do I need brakes on my trailer?

A: According to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario laws, any trailer that is carrying a boat over 2500lbs. must have its own brakes. For more information on this law and other laws having to do with trailering visit the M.T.O. Web site.

Q: What are the Web site addresses for your manufacturers?

Chaparral Boats Inc.-

Regal Marine-





Volvo Penta Canada-

Yamaha Motors Canada-

If you have a question that wasn't answered above please feel free to contact us.