Pleasure Craft Licence

Your Pleasure Craft Licence (or as it is also commonly called vessel licence or boat registration) is a licence for your boat that is issued by Transport Canada through Service Canada outlets, if your boat is powered by an engine of 10hp or more. Although this name is often misused in place of a Pleasure Craft Operators Card this Licence is a much different piece of documentation.  

A Pleasure Craft Licence is a government document that is issued to the owner(s) of a power driven vessel, with a 10hp engine or more, once it is purchased. This document outlines the name and address of the owner, the licence number (as noted on the bow of the boat*), the boat's hull serial number, compliance plate number (if applicable), length and primary colour as well the date of issue and the expiry date. The purpose of this document is for law enforcement such as the OPP Marine Unit to varify ownership and to aid in search and rescue missions.

Transport Canada and Canadian on water law enforcement agencies have recently put a much greater emphasis on licencing as it is such an important tool. The OPP Marine Unit have created a large awareness campaign surrounding this issue this summer and will be checking to ensure that licenses are on board and that vessel numbers are perscribed in the proper mannor*. Please note: Boaters can be fined for not having documentation on board and/or not displaying numbers in the proper mannor.

At Buckeye Marine once a boat has been purchased we ensure that it is transfered into the new owners name, numbers are on the vessle in the proper place, colour and height, and that the original copy of this licence as well as a waterproof copy is sent to the new owner. We suggest that boaters keep the orginal in a safe place and place the waterproof copy in the glove box.

If you have lost your Pleasure Craft Licence you can go to your nearest Service Canada outlet with documentation proving that you are in fact the boats owner and have them reissue the licence. If you require our assistance in this process you can contact our Business Office Manager and she will be happy to assist you.**
*Small vessel regulations state that all vessel numbers must be 7.5cm (3") in heigh and they must be a contrasting colour posted on the bow of the boat.
**A fee may apply depending on the documentation and labour required.