Design your Mastercraft

Why Build with Buckeye & Why Now?

  • Priority- Demand has increased and manufacturers are prioritizing pre-sold units & rewarding buyers who plan ahead
  • Your Design - Pick your layout, colour & options that suit your style & family
  • Expert Service - Our Knowledgeable Sales staff can help tweak your design to maximize value & time on the water
  • Best Pricing - Don't worry you are still eligible for Rebates/Boat Show offers when you commit to a build in the Fall
  • Higher Trade Value - trading your current boat in the Fall makes your boat a model year newer vs. spring
  • Flexible Appointments - Choose from virtual, phone or in-person viewings & build appointments

NXT Series

The NXT lineup are Surf, Wake, and Ski machines offering phenomenal Mastercraft Performance at an amazing value.

The NXT 20 and 22 are some of the most recent updates in the Mastercraft lineup now including incredible new features like preprogrammed user profiles, more powerful motor and ingenious reversible spectator seats. Both the 20 and 22 are now larger then their older versions but maintain the incredible value that the NXT line is known for.

XT Series

The XT series is the sweet spot the perfect boat for most of our customers, incredible Surf, Wakeboard, and Ski all the creature comforts to maximize your day on the water. The XT series features the most versatile range of options and selections on the market making this the perfect cottage boat.

To pickle fork or not to pickle fork.... The XT line features both traditional (21',23',25') and pickle fork (20',22') options allowing you to pick the boat that perfectly matches your style.

The XT series allows 3 tower options, 3 dash options and 4 stereo packages, Standard or fast fill ballast, as well as the full array of engine selection allowing you to keep it simple or crank it to 11. Truly the perfect boat for custom order regardless of the size.

X Series

The X Series pulls out all the stops and is the pinnacle of luxury. They serve as Mastercraft's top of the line Surf and Wake boats and compromise nothing in terms of luxury and performance.

Large and in charge. The X Series have more freeboard to accommodate larger ballast capacities, and storage space this also makes a boat that can hold its own when the lake gets rough. These big boats can also accommodate bigger crews allowing you to comfortably take your whole inner circle and then some.

The X26 is the newest edition and truly exists in a class of its own as the largest luxury wakeboat on the market. This juggernaut is yacht certified and boasts class exclusive features like Bow Jet thruster, full sized centreline mounted head, forward facing passenger seat and the industry changing Dockstar Steering System.

Star Series

The Star Series are the pinnacle of performance tow boats. Built as halo boats designed to tow world class athletes to personal bests but practical and user-friendly enough for world class weekend warriors.

All new for 2021 Mastercraft has further refined the industry leading Prostar to take it to another level. Mastercraft took the perfect slalom wake and made it even better adding new hull rails, tracking fin layout and tuneable rudder to dial in the perfect tracking as you run the course. The drivers area has been redesigned adding an intuitive 10" touchscreen to command the boat. All while keeping industry leading design features like removable hard bow cover, clamping ski racks, and adaptable interior.

The XStar is the ultimate wake machine designed to be the pinnacle Wakeboard boat it also doubles as a top tier surf machine. At 23 feet the XStar sits in the sweet spot and the latest generation features wakes that can go from beginner to pro in under 3 minutes thanks to the fast fill ballast system. The XStar comes with most features standard so all you need to worry about is picking your perfect colours.