Staycation Sales Event


What's the Deal

We want to help you have an awesome Staycation this summer whether that means sticking around your cottage or dropping the boat in a local lake. Boating opens a world of activity ie, wakesurfing, fishing, swimming, sunset cruising, waterskiing, tubing, exploring new sandbars or just quality time with your family.


Buckeye and our awesome Manufacturing partners are coming to the table to bring the heat with some awesome deals. Discounts are constantly changing so check back and check often to see the best deals on specific models.

Save thousands on non-current 2019 & 2018 bowriders, waverunners, pontoons, center-consoles, towboats boats.

Pontoons     Bowriders
Center Consoles     towboats


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Bonus Offer 

Every new boat sold between May 1 – June 30, 2020 will come with a Bonus CAPTAINS PACKAGE with a retail value of $950.00.

  • 4 Yeti Cups $200 retail value 
  • Safety: paddles, 4-life jackets, safety kit (bailer, heaving line, flash light, whistle), fire extinguisher 
  • Mooring: Tie lines, anchor, anchor line, fenders & fender lines 
  • Beach Bag  
  • 2 Buckeye Mesh-Back Hats 


With the payment vacation option, eligible buyers can defer their loan payments for up to 90 days after they take delivery of their new boat. For complete details on this program as well as other finance promotions please reach out to 



Captains Package


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