5 tips to ensure your boat winters well

Here at Buckeye we pride ourselves in giving you full service winterization and storage these are a few tips to ensure that your boat survives the winter months and comes back to you next spring in better shape than it went into storage. 

1. Take full advantage of off season service discounts. 

Before you are done for the season take your boat for a good ride, take a notebook with you and make note of all the things that you would love to see taken care of, horn sounds like a dying water foul? no problem easy fix. Have a couple snaps that have popped off the cover easy fix. No job is too big or too small the winter months give us an opportunity to get a jump on your service needs. Our techs and service writers, and drivers work hard to make notes of any issues you want to take care of but if we have a list we can be sure to make sure your boat comes back in perfect condition next year. 

2. Ensure we have your best method of contact. 

Further to point number one if we have good info about how to make recommendations about your boat service we can ensure the work gets done well before your boat has to hit the water in the spring. We often get held up waiting for approvals so good contact information as well as a range of what you are willing to invest in your boat will allow us to make sure the work is done with plenty of time before the water melts. 

3. Moisture is the enemy.

Here at Buckeye we take huge measures to ensure that your boat gets put away dry from using chemical dehumidifiers in every boat and high quality vents and tenting systems in your shrink wrap. Although we take every measure to dry the boats as much as possible. One huge thing that you can do as an owner to ensure that your boat stays clean and winters well is to take some time before you finish with the boat and remove anything that can hold or retain moisture over the winter this includes but isn't limited to, life jackets, wetsuits, towels, blankets, water sports towables, cardboard boxes and wet ropes. If there is some nice weather before you are getting the boat stored let it sit out with compartments open so the carpets can air out. Regardless of the type of storage you select make sure that you leave us with a cover so that we can keep your boat clean and dry while it's waiting to go to its winter resting spot. Pro Tip Some owners remove some of the upholstery so that they can sit in a warm dry storage away from the boat ensuring that they stay moisture free and keep the boat clean and dry during storage. 

4. Wax on Wax off

Use the winter as an opportunity to have your investment waxed. Weather you enjoy the therapeutic work of waxing your boat or you want to have our professionals take care of the dirty work with our top quality finishes and tools. Waxing your boat is an important part of keeping its showroom shine. A high quality marine wax is like a really good sunscreen for the finish of your boat and does its part to keep the sun's harmful UV rays from causing fading and oxidization it also works to eliminate water spots and keep your boat looking cleaner for longer. If you have neglected waxing your boat for a few seasons and its starting to loose its shine have our professionals make a quote for a buff and wax service or a wet sand buff and wax service it is rare that we can't bring a boat back to its original shine so talk to your service professional today to see the difference a little wax can make. 

5. Make a Plan

Here at Buckeye Marine our winter storage includes the basic maintenance of an oil change and drive oil change. However did you know that there are parts inside your boat that are built to wear and have a shelf life? Almost every boat has a raw water pump impeller that typically has a 3 year lifespan, this affordable wear part is a crucial element to your boat's cooling system and if it fails it can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Some common preventative maintenance items that you should have a schedule for are impellers, spark plugs, belts, distributor cap / rotor, and drive bellows to name a few. These things don't need to be tackled in their entirety every season so talk to our expert service staff to make a schedule to ensure that next summer you have maximum reliability. 

So there it is, five simple steps to ensure that you can start next season on the right foot. If you have any questions feel free to contact our service experts here at Buckeye Marine.