Buying a New boat at the Boat show

Its boat show season and that means it’s the best time to buy a new boat.  At shows, many brands and dealerships are featured under one roof which gives the potential buyer a great opportunity to shop and compare without running around the countryside, and also exposes him/her to the huge variety of product that is available. It can be an overwhelming task, but if you know what you are looking for it can be the best experience in boat buying.  So make a list of features that you feel would be most beneficial to you and your family. First decide what the primary purpose of the boat is, for example, fishing or water skiing, day cruising or over-nighting. Next think about the things that are the most beneficial for your enjoyment, like size, comfort, safety, performance or looks.  These things will help narrow down the field so you don’t waste your time checking out products that will never work for you.  If you need help to figure out the possibilities for your boating life check out the Discover Boating website or visit the booth at the show. There is a lot of helpful information that will make your journey through the boat buying world a more informed and enjoyable experience.

One thing that you should also keep in mind is to do your research on the dealership and boat brand you are working with.  At shows the playing field is level, all dealers have the same opportunity to show you their wares, but take heed; all dealerships are not the same. Find out what the dealer can offer you in terms of future service needs.  Check out their reputation, how long they have been in business and what their facility is like.  Location is also a key factor.  Why buy a boat from a dealer who is no where near where you plan to use the boat.  If the dealer has mobile service, what can you expect from that experience? In short, make sure you are dealing with someone who can look after your needs over the long haul so you can be secure in the knowledge that you are working with the best people and the best product for you and your family.  Boating is a great pastime and an amazing way to connect with family friends and the great outdoors.  Your buying experience should be positive informative and energizing, a wonderful way to start your boating adventures.