fall colours in muskoka

Experience Kawartha Fall Colours from the Water

With the onset of fall, brings lots of discussions about local fall colours tours. Typically speaking these driving tours offer participants a self guided trip down back roads, lined with farmers fields and if you are lucky a stop at a scenic lookout atop a local peak to see the vivid colours that Mother Nature provides every fall season.  Recently a local group in Bobcaygeon reached out to social media followers asking them where to best view the colours. While they have listed a number of amazing sights, we think that we have the best one yet...as boaters we know that the only way to get a full 365 degree colour immersion is from the middle of the lake aboard your boat!

Here are a few ideas to get your fall fix on board your boat this October...

Thanksgiving Cruise

Why not start a new Thanksgiving tradition and venture out on a scenic on-water fall colour tour? While the bird is heating up in the oven, grab your friends and family, bundle up and jump on board your boat for one last voyage. Even a slow cruise up the channel or down the lake will offer amazing fall colours like you have never seen...and after a few hours of fresh air that turkey and pumpkin pie tastes just that much better!

Anchor out

Who says that anchoring out is only for sunny hot summer days? Put on your favourite wool socks, grab a cozy blanket and a warm drink and head out to your favourite anchorage. By anchoring out for a few hours you are able to immerse yourself totally in the beautiful fall surroundings. The sights of the fall leaves both on the trees and reflecting off the lake...the sounds of the water fowl both in the water and over head as they prepare for the migratory journey by soaking in the final days of warmth from the autumn sun...the crisp cool smells of the seasons changing and the faint scent of smoke from the wood burning fireplace at the cottage across the lake...no other season can offer such wonderful sensations.

Overnight at a lock or island campsite

Just because the hot summer days are mainly behind us doesn’t mean that over-nighting has to end.  If you have ever stayed overnight on your boat you have likely experienced the need to try and stay cool on a blistering hot summer night. What if you could enjoy a cool fall evening cuddling under a warm down comforter, after enjoying a mug of hot chocolate at the roaring campfire....you can! And fall not only offers you this cozy comfort, it also provides amazing views of fall colours and the sounds of crunching leaves and animals actively getting ready for winter that makes for the picture perfect weekend.

Leaves tour day trip

Why not take your fall colours tour in your boat instead of your car? Plan yourself a route, start at your dock, head toward the next lake soaking in all of the sights. Be it down a meandering river or canal, cruising down the middle of the lake or leisurely putting along the shoreline, your route is sure to be an adventure. Plan a stop along the way for a warm lunch on a waterside patio restaurant such as those in Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls & Buckhorn. On your return home take a moment to turn off the engine in the middle of the lake and take in the colours all around you. Let them take your breath away! Make sure you take a blanket and a thermos of cocoa to ensure your ride is not only breath taking...it also warms your soul.

So while the winterizing season is looming in the near future don’t forget that fall boating still has a lot to offer. Get out and enjoy your fall fix on the water this year...you won’t be disappointed!