Mastercraft Wakesurfing

How to Drive for a Wakesurfer

Brush up on some driving skills and lose the nervousness with Mastercraft's How- To Series on Driving for Surfers. 

1. Get a HIGHER VANTAGE POINT and use a bolster seat.

2. If your boat has multiple tow points then attach the rope on the same side as the rider. Use a Wakesurf rope not a a modified ski rope.

3. TAP the throttle in and out of gear in order to create tension on the rope and get your rider ready to take off

4. Once the line is tight and the rider gives you the nod SLOW and GENTLE acceleration. You don't want to dump the throttle and rip the rider over the front of the board. 

5.  For safety purposes always try to pick the rider up from the DRIVERS SIDE of the boat, that way you can always see where they are and get the rope as close as possible.

6. Always have someone in the boat that can TEND the ROPE and get it to the rider on your first pass.

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