Spring Launch

For boaters April means that the big splash is just around the corner. As much as we are all excited to get the boat back in the water there are a few things that you should think about doing before the season is in full swing to help avoid any undue service appointments or fines.

When you are thinking about summarizing your boat use the following check sheet to ensure that your boat is in tip top shape for the boating season.

  • Make sure that you have a proper insurance coverage.
  • Check over canvas
    • Ensure there are no holes
    • Clean tops & windows – do not use an abrasive cleaner on boat top windows as harsh cleaners will scratch and mark these items.
    • Check waterproofing. Re-waterproof if necessary
    • Check zippers – lubricate if necessary
  • Clean exterior & interior
    • Wipe down upholstery, dash and all compartments
    • Vacuum carpet and inside compartments
    • Wax exterior (unless this was done in the fall or over the winter then a wipe down will suffice)
  • Check the condition of the battery
    • Ensure the battery is fully charged. If it isn't fully charged it should be removed and charged.
    • Make sure battery terminals are tight
    • If you battery has wingnuts on it should be replaced with locknuts
  • Check the oil & fluid level
    • Oil changes and lower unit oil changes should have been done in the fall…however if they weren’t you should have this done before spring launch
    • When running for the first time lift the engine compartment lid and check to ensure there are no fluid leaks.
  • Check that the prop nut is tight and prop is free of damage.
  • Check safety equipment is fully operational and in good condition.
    • Flares & Fire extinguishers have an expiration date. Check to make sure they have not expired
    • Change batteries in watertight flashlights
    • Check that all lines are in good working order
    • Ensure lifejackets/PFD’s are free of rips and tears.
  • Make sure your PCOC card is on board
  • Make sure the drain plug is secure.


If you stored your boat at Buckeye a number of these items will have been taken care of for you as part of our winter storage service. If you have questions about what items you should take a look at feel free to contact our storage department with any questions storage@buckeyemarine.com