Wake Surfing

Wakesurfing is a relatively new sport that is extremely popular throughout north America.  It combines surfing, and wakeboarding.

 The important factor about wakesurfing is that you use an inboard boat, the reason for this is that the propeller is tucked under the boat and safely out of the way that a participant can not strike the propeller. 

Wakesurfing works because the wake on the boats is so big that the surfboards can ride down the wake using gravity so you will see some of the riders riding directly behind the boat with no rope like magic. 

There are two different styles we are featuring here at the contest surf style and skim style

The surf style riders are being scored on style, form, and maneuvers. The surf style riders are scored by turns, and “floaters” which is where the board floats on top of the wake and then drops back down into the wave. Really advanced riders can even air their boards out of the water by generating enough speed and popping off the top of the lip of the wake. Surf style riders use wake surf board that look just like mini surf boards.

The skim riders combine the moves of surfing with tricks that are more similar to skateboarding and wakeskating, these riders you will see airing off the wake, doing pop shuvits (board spins 180 degrees rider stays still) and surface 360s and air 180s.  Skim style riders use smaller boards that require big wakes and are very difficult to ride because they have less grip than a surf style board. They allow their users to perform more complex maneuvers.