Why buy a boat for 2022

Why Buy a Boat for 2022 Now?

We know it seems VERY earlier to start looking for a boat for next summer, but several models and brands are already SOLD OUT.  While our boat manufacturers do a great job keeping up with production, the demand has increased over the last two years, and they can only produce so many boats.


  1. SECURE YOUR SPOT with a small deposit and ensure you are not missing out on another epic summer season. Manufacturers will sell out so get in the line up as early as possible.
  2. CUSTOMIZE pick the colours & options that suit your family's style and activities best!
  3. DON’T PAY IN FULL until Spring 2022. We require a small deposit to hold a build slot, usually 20% of the final bill before the boat goes into production.

Let one of our knowledgeable sales team help you through the build process and get you and your family into the PERFECT BOAT for next season.

 Email SALES@BUCKEYEMARNE.COM or call 705-738-5151