Boat Life // How-To

Jul 12, 2017

Spring Launch

For boaters April means that the big splash is just around the corner. As much as we are all excited to get the boat back in the water there are a few things that you should think about doing before the season is in full swing to help avoid any undue service appointments or fines.

Jul 12, 2017

Buying a New boat at the Boat show

Its boat show season and that means it’s the best time to buy a new boat.  At shows, many brands and dealerships are featured under one roof which gives the potential buyer a great opportunity to shop and compare without running around the countryside, and also exposes him/her to the huge variety

Jul 12, 2017

Trading in your boat

Fall is a great time to think about trading in your boat and upgrading for the season ahead.  Boat shows are a terrific opportunity to make a deal.  Most dealers are prepared to look at your trade and give you an estimate so you can secure a new boat without delay in the spring.  You may want to